Get to Know LISI’s Director of Client Service and Marketing

Meet Team LISI’s Director of Client Service and Marketing, Rae Ritter. Rae has been with LISI for five and a half years and brings our clients’ website visions to reality. Learn some interesting facts about her in our latest “Get To Know Us” feature.

Law Firm Websites: Why Do I Need One? [LISI FAQs]

The importance of having a well-designed website as the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy has increased in importance over the years. Read some answers to our most frequently asked questions from our Founder and CEO Jason Lisi about why law firm’s need a website.


Get to Know LISI’s Creative Director, Lesley MacLean

Meet Team LISI’s Creative Director, Lesley MacLean. Lesley has been with LISI for 10 months now and is the master behind all of our designs. Learn some interesting facts about her in our newest “Get To Know Us” feature.

Create Winning Marketing Budgets: Recurring Marketing Expenses

Recurring marketing expenses are not the exciting and sexy part of the marketing budget. But they are an important component that needs to be reviewed and understood. Recurring marketing expenses do not need to break your budget, and with careful planning, they can actually free up space in your budget.

By taking the time to review and analyze marketing expenses during the planning phase of your budget, you can more accurately forecast the expenses in the coming year, and make room for the initiatives that will drive the most growth for your law firm

Overheard at Vernick Coffee Bar…

Recently, my good friend Sam McKenna was in Philadelphia for client meetings and I had a chance to catch up with her about all things entrepreneurship and female executive leadership. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I wanted the chance to dive into both of our careers, journeys and why supporting women is so important to us both.

Your New Website Part 3: How to Create an RFP for Your Project

Published on January 7, 2020
Rae Ritter
Director of Client Service and Marketing

Rae Ritter

The RFP process is like a professional courtship where you learn not only about the website development company’s capabilities, but also its culture and personality. If it’s a good match and you work together on a website design and build, the service partner can continue to support your firm through hosting, maintenance, and future website enhancements and projects. Most importantly, this partner should guide you through the process and make you look like super stars to firm leadership.

Your New Website Part 2: How to Develop a Business Case

Your website is one of, if not the first, ways prospective clients will interact with your firm. What does your online presence say about your firm’s mission, philosophy, and capabilities? It’s about more than just the words on the screen.  Your decision to redesign a website isn’t one your firm will take lightly, and in order to get your project off the ground you must convince your executives and leadership team the time to act is now.

Your New Website Part 1: 6 Steps to Developing Your Website Project Budget

Budget season is in full swing or possibly even winding down if your firm is ahead of the game. You are likely budgeting for a number of important marketing and business development-focused projects for next year. Is one of those projects a new website? If you answered yes, you’re in good company. Generally speaking, companies update their websites every three years. In legal services, the timeline can be similar, but often other firm-wide initiatives and priorities can force your website project to the back burner. One way to help keep your project top of mind with executives and key stakeholders is to set a realistic expectation of how much it will cost, and how the process will work. This article will focus on the cost component, and how to set a realistic budget, considering all contingencies, that will help drive your website redesign conversation.

New Adventures: Learning the SEO Basics

When I joined Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated as Director of Business Development in late June of this year, I was a bit of a novice to the world of search engine optimization, which is one of LISI’s key strengths. Sure, I knew of terms like “SEO” and had attended seminars at the legal-marketing events throughout the years. But I didn’t truly know or appreciate what went into making one site rank better than another in the search engine results pages. Frankly, I didn’t give it much thought—I just used search engines to find information.

9 Steps to Developing a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is any online channel used to market a good or service. In today’s world, digitally mature companies with a strategy are eight times more likely to gain market share. This is apparent in the meteoric rise in the number of marketing hires of the past five years, and the requirement of more than half of those hires that they have some sort of digital experience. However, 45% of companies surveyed in a Smart Insights poll admitted they don’t have a digital marketing strategy. These figures aren’t specific to legal marketing, but they portend an even wider divide for legal marketers and their trusted service partners.

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