21 in ’21: New Year, New Digital Marketing Goals

This time last year, I shared my 20 goals for 2020. Some of those things happened, some did not, and that is OK. 2020 was an extraordinary year. One I am happy to put behind me. But I will not be deterred from setting goals this year. Setting goals keeps my digital marketing activities focused on a set of common objectives and on a clearly defined path.

The Year that Wasn’t

Published on December 9, 2020
Robyn Addis
Chief Operating Officer

Robyn Addis

2020 pushed us to step outside our comfort zones and approach our work from a different perspective. We know that growth does not happen when we are comfortable and 2020 forced us to push ourselves to obtain unprecedented growth for Team LISI.

38 Digital Marketing Facts to Know for Marketing Your Law Firm

How your firm appears and markets online has become, throughout this pandemic, one of the most important business development tools at our disposal. Below are 38 digital marketing questions and answers to put your firm in the best light online.

LinkedIn Posts: How to Create Content that Gets Noticed

When it comes to being consistently active and adding to the conversation on LinkedIn, the greatest tool available to you is high-value, useful content to share with your audience. Getting the ball rolling on being consistently visible can feel daunting but like any skill you want to become a habit, you have to dive in feet first and act repeatedly before this will feel normal.

Create Winning Marketing Budgets: The Budget

Published on September 25, 2020
Robyn Addis
Chief Operating Officer

Robyn Addis

The budget season looks different at every law firm. There is generally a tedious process, involving multiple back-and-forths before you get to a final number. Who is involved and what factors are considered during the process can vary greatly. It is important to understand how your firm determines budgets to know how to navigate the process successfully.

Create Winning Marketing Budgets: Budgeting for Innovation

If the goal of creating marketing objectives is to show leadership the value the marketing team will bring to the firm’s growth, then the goal of the marketing budget is to quantify what that is going to cost. Knowing exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it, what it is going to cost, and the expected return to the firm will go a long way toward the approval of a marketing plan and budget that is innovative and effective.   

5 Steps to Creating Strategic Marketing Objectives

Published on August 20, 2020
Robyn Addis
Chief Operating Officer

Robyn Addis

Without marketing objectives to guide your efforts, the marketing plan is aimless. The first step to a comprehensive marketing strategy is to define these objectives and how the marketing strategy will help you and your firm achieve them.

A Simple Content Distribution Plan for Busy Attorneys

Establishing yourself as a thought leader and sharing valuable content with your network is an important part of staying top of mind for clients and prospects. Creating content can be time-consuming – and is only the beginning. Once the content is created, boosting its exposure is equally as important. A simple content distribution plan can amplify your efforts, and planning is key.  

Executing Your Plan: The Smart Attorney’s Guide to Social Media

There are a variety of ways to create and share content on social media. The direction you take will be based on your target audience and what you want to accomplish. Select your content and tailor each post for the platform you are using.

Planning Your Strategy: The Smart Attorney’s Guide to Social Media

Attorneys have lots of methods available to them to establish their own brands. Speaking engagements, email blasts, published articles, podcasts, media appearances – these all have a role in establishing an attorney’s credibility. But perhaps the easiest and most versatile tool available to a lawyer today is social media.  

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