Previously in our series covering the five parts of a complete law firm marketing presence, we discussed:

Now we turn to what was once a brand-new development in law firm marketing: the social networks. Just as at one time it was unheard of to go without a business card, then a fax number, and then a website, it is now becoming essential to have your firm be present in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Oh, great, another thing, you’re saying. Why does my firm need to be on those social networks? Simple: that’s where the people are, and the people expect it. Each network has a distinct value to your marketing: LinkedIn is a massive business network and perfect opportunity to stay virtually in front of your network; Facebook is a vehicle to communicate your firm’s culture to future hires; and Twitter is a place to share thought leadership with the media and other amplifiers.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Like it or not, these social networks get a ton of traffic, aided by their mobile apps that allow easy browsing on smartphones and tablets. LinkedIn has 100 million active monthly users, Twitter has 313 million, and Facebook has an astounding 1.79 billion. In addition, each of those networks are competing with Google and each other to be your primary source for information about your interests. If your clients or potential clients are using those networks and you’re not there, be assured your competition is and they would be happy to engage with them.

How to Start and Move Ahead

Steps to take to get in the discussion: Establish your firm’s presence on each of the services: For Twitter start here, for LinkedIn start here, and for Facebook start here. Then, fill in information about your firm and update the standard graphics to match your brand. Finally, start reading, following, liking, and then talking. You’ll attract attention and move your business goals forward!

Or, we can do it for you. One of LISI’s core services is our social-media marketing program where we set up and even run the social media accounts for our clients. We know the rules of the networks and the proper way to market legal services. We would be happy to discuss the matter with you.

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