As part of our mission to spread the LISI message across the country and to stay at the forefront of legal marketing trends, I recently attended the regional conference for the Legal Marketing Association Southeast chapter, which took place in Orlando. With the theme of “Grow. Innovate. Succeed.” there was an excellent lineup speakers and great opportunities to network with colleagues in legal marketing. Here are some takeaways from the sessions:

In her presentation, “Redesigning Your Website, Guidelines and Key Factors to Consider,” Jacqueline Madarang’s of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP suggested making a wish list of website functionalities and attributes before talking with any website design firms. With the list, you’ll then be ready with your questions to gauge what can be accomplished within your firm’s timeline and budget.

In “Revenue Generation Through Client Appreciation,” Kathryn Whitaker of McNair Law Firm, P.A. described how legal marketing is still a relationship game and that seeking client feedback is essential to turning satisfied clients into clients that will advocate for you. In seeking feedback, here are the three most important questions:

  • “What do you see happening in the next two years that might affect your need for legal services?”
  • “How can we better serve you?”
  • “How likely are you to recommend us to a colleague?”

Also, don’t underestimate the power of gifts to show your appreciation for a client. South Carolina-based McNair, for example, sends peaches to valued clients each July!

Thomas Choberka at Kelley Kronenberg emphasized that “influence is the only way to get things done” as a legal marketer in “How to Disrupt: Influence and Lead in a Law Firm as a ‘Non-Lawyer’.” To gain influence, understand your lawyers’ personalities and meet face-to-face to learn about their practices, goals, and motivations.

Getting the most out of lawyers’ blog posts was the topic of Jacqueline Madarang’s second presentation, “Blogging Strategies: Finding Your Internal Champions and Creating a Strategy that Works.” Along with ideas of how to motivate the lawyers to write blog posts, the posts can have a wider reach by repurposing the posts on trade association websites, sharing on LinkedIn Pulse, and republishing them on JD Supra and Lexology.

Once you have an excellent website (hopefully created by LISI), studying the traffic analytics is key to realizing its full potential, said Eric Wood of SiteImprove, Inc. in “Slaying the Analytics Dragon.” Learn your visitor acquisition (search engines, email, social media, etc.) and behavior, such as visitors to a type of page (anything in the practices section) or those who navigated 2-3 pages per visit.