A Well-Designed, Informative Website

When we last emailed about the five parts of a complete law firm internet presence, we shared the online marketing strategy checklist for law firms. Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Of the five parts, the most important is to have a well-designed, informative website. Though the concept may sound obvious, it’s important to revisit why a website is so powerful in marketing your firm.

A website is your opportunity to frame your firm in the way that supports your marketing strategy. You are in complete control, having the ability to cast your firm as you want others to see it — modern or traditional, dynamic or stable, entrepreneurial or old-school. The design of your site affords you the opportunity to show your firm in any light, creating an image of the firm you want to be.

And with this image, the website will reach far more viewers than any other medium. Online, a website knows no geographic boundaries, having the ability to make an impression in any city, state, or even country to which you want to send your message.

The website medium itself has virtually no limits for your message. Unlike print materials, a website can have (quite inexpensively) hundreds, even tens of thousands, of pages where you can post attorney biographies, practice areas, case studies and legal alerts, and other information to make your firm’s marketing case. Furthermore, you can change the site immediately at very little cost — print materials, once produced, are permanent, destined for landfills if they become obsolete.

Finally, with the advent of mobile-friendly responsive design, your website viewers can interact with your site on their terms, whether on desktop, smartphone, or tablet devices. Print materials are not similarly friendly.

For example, check out our latest launch — for the New York City-based Gallo Vitucci Klar at gvlaw.com — on your various gadgets. It’s beautiful anywhere!

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